Fast CinemaDNG Processor

High performance software for CinemaDNG processing on GPU

Fast CinemaDNG Processor on CUDA

Fast RAW ingestion software for VFX

To offer fast RAW ingestion for separate files or series for VFX applications, just drag-and-drop file/folder to Fast CinemaDNG Processor window. Smooth preprocessing and playback are achieved due to realtime image processing on GPU. We can offer exceptionally high performance in comparison with widely used ingestion applications which are based on dcraw, rawspeed and ImageMagick software.

What we can do for fast RAW ingestion

  • RAW import, parsing, metadata extraction (DNG, CinemaDNG, CinemaDNG RAW, MLV, CR2, NEF, PGM, etc.), linearization
  • Fast RAW decoding
  • High quality debayer
  • Fast wavelet-based denoiser
  • Transform to ACES (SMPTE 2065-1) colorspace
  • Rotation to arbitrary angle
  • RAW processing with LCP profile to remove distortions and chromacity aberrations
  • Realtime Historgam and Parade
  • Fast & interactive DNG/MLV viewer and player with full image processing pipeline on GPU
  • Export to JPG, JP2, TIFF, EXR
  • Output EXR images comply with the ACES Container specification (SMPTE S2065-4)

To summarize, these are the most important features of Fast CinemaDNG Processor software for VFX studios: native support of RAW formats, fast RAW decoding on CPU, high quality debayering, realtime denoising, ACES colorspace, support of DCP and LCP profiles, smooth playback, export to EXR, etc.


  • Linux version (Ubuntu 16.04, 64-bit)
  • High performance server application for fast raw ingestion and preprocessing
  • Compatibility with OCIO