Fast CinemaDNG Processor

High performance software for CinemaDNG processing on GPU

Fast CinemaDNG Processor on CUDA

Fast CinemaDNG Processor License Policy

Fast CinemaDNG Processor is available under one free and two commercial licenses:

Demo – Demo version is free and could be downloaded directly from the Download page. It's intended to give an experience to user in terms of software functionality and performance before purchasing a commercial license. Demo is valid during 6 months starting from build date, later on user could download the latest version from the site and to reinstall it.

Demo has wide set of features and it's applying watermarks at export. It means that Viewer and Player are working without watermarks, but saved to SSD/HDD images/video have built-in watermarks. Nevertheless, there are some cases, when Demo could work without watermarks:

  • Demo is working without watermarks if both width and height of RAW source image are less than 1920×1080.
  • Demo doesn't apply any watermarks if user needs to "Save As" just one current frame in TIFF/JPG/EXR format with any resolution.

User has enough time to test and to evaluate Demo software before ordering commercial license. All compatibility issues should be solved by user before the purchase:

  • Hardware compatibility with CPU, GPU, SSD/NMVe
  • Minimum requirement for NVIDIA GPU: 6xx series (Kepler or better)
  • 64-bit OS: Windows-7/8/10 or Linux Ubuntu 18.04, 19.10, 20.04
  • The latest NVIDIA driver
  • Compatibility with external software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe AE, Blackmagic Davinci Resolve, FFmpeg, 3DLUT Creator, etc.

Standard – This is licensed commercial version which is capable of processing DNG, CinemaDNG, CinemaDNG RAW and MLV content on a single NVIDIA GPU (6xx series or better) according to software specification without limitations which are imposed on Demo version. Standard license includes free updates during one year. To get updates after one year, user has to obtain new license. There is no need in obtaining new license if user doesn't update the software. In that case the licensed software will work without any time limitations. That software doesn't have features which are listed below for PRO version.

To switch Demo software to the licensed Standard version, user has to insert license key into the registration field. The License is bound to a particular PC and is not allowed to be transferred to another PC, even if the original PC where it was installed, is no longer in use.

Licensing algorithm is bound to IDs of motherboard, CPU and HDD/SSD. The hardware is considered to be conforming with the license if two of these three IDs are the same as they were at the moment when the license was issued. Generally, it is allowed to upgrade or replace different hardware components at your PC, but in order to maintain the license for the original Fast CinemaDNG Processor software, two of the above three IDs should remain the same. If this is not the case, such an upgrade is considered to result in a “new computer”. Therefore, if a new computer has been created, the original license expires, and a new Fast CinemaDNG Processor license is required.

PRO – That licensed commercial version is intended for companies which are engaged in massive photo and video processing, VR and 3D applications, etc. This is the software with enhanced feature-set and functionality like scripting (command-line mode with or without GUI), support of additional input (grayscale DNG, PGM, RAW SDI 12-bit) and output formats (EXR, JP2), compatibility with machine vision cameras (Ximea and others), ability to work with multicamera systems, support of high resolution frames more than 50 MPix, etc. PRO license has a validity period of 1 year and it's also bound to hardware as Standard version.

Custom software design – We also offer custom software design for fast photo and video processing according to agreed specification. We can build high performance solutions for GPU-based photo and video processing. Please send us a letter with your project info if you are interested in such a software. We also offer software redesign for Fast CinemaDNG Processor according to your needs.