Fast CinemaDNG Processor

High performance software for CinemaDNG processing on GPU

Fast CinemaDNG Processor on CUDA

Fast DNG Viewer on GPU

Fast CinemaDNG Processor software could be utilized not only for playing CinemaDNG footages in realtime. It can also work as fast and efficient DNG Viewer for still images. You can click on DNG image in Windows Explorer with right button and choose "Preview with Fast CinemaDNG" in the context menu. After that, the software opens that image. You will be able to view it and to apply various processing functions to improve image quality. Whole image processing pipeline is working on GPU very fast, so all image changes you will see immediately.

Apart from viewing, that DNG viewer can actually implement the following raw image processing pipelines:

  • DNG to 8/16-bit TIFF
  • DNG to 8/16-bit PPM
  • DNG to 8/12-bit JPEG (jpg)
  • DNG to 8/16-bit JPEG2000 (jp2, j2k)
  • DNG to 16/32-bit EXR (exr)